The Women of KBE Talk Memorable Moments

November 2, 2023

It’s time for another installment of The Women of KBE!This series was created for you to get to know the team a little better through questions, stories, and a behind-the-scenes look at what we do. Today we’re taking a little trip down memory lane and discussing some of our most memorable moments throughout the years. Read on for some fun anecdotes!

Q: Talk to me about something memorable that happened at a KBE event.


“I’m thinking about one of our weddings that was massive deal – our centerpieces were on hexagon stands with crystal chandeliers hanging in the middle. The florist lined them up to start putting flowers on them. Suddenly, it seemed like an invisible wind came and the chandeliers all fell. It was almost as if time stopped. I started problem solving – rather than freaking out – because the rental company was in NY and the venue was in NJ. And of course, they shattered an hour and a half before the reception, so we didn’t have much time. I immediately called, and the vendor got the truck with new chandeliers on the way. We got the centerpieces on the table less than 5 minutes before the bride and groom came in. That was insane because they were integral parts of the design. The couple didn’t know anything until we saw them about a year later!”

“The room reveal is always the best part for me. There are so many that I’m thinking about right now that were really special. One of my favorite reactions was from a bride who was so genuine and sweet. She was cursing and you could just tell how much joy she had and how ecstatic she was to see it come through. I just love the reveal because planning a wedding is so stressful, but seeing the couples in that moment makes it all worth it. I also love when the moms come up and say something to us. It always makes me tear up when they thank us for such an amazing day.”


“One of the most impactful weddings for me was my most memorable moment! Talk about trendsetting and being unique! I loved the couples’ energy from the beginning and their eye for taste and style! The groom was too cool for school and fly, and added great details to his suit. The bride put her bridesmaids on the map! They wore white/ivory dresses with slicked back ponies and I was in awe of the beauty!

The design boss lady Kisha created the centerpieces! I remember her drawing this on paper and working to get it created in real life! At the point I knew we just unlocked a new level of luxury, design, and artistry and I was just in awe all the way through! To top it off they had Toño Rosario performing!! WHAT!! I had a whole moment when I found I out! He’s a classic, like the Luther Vandross of merengue! I got to meet him and watch him sing live in the cocktail hour room before entering and I felt like I was in a dream.

I’ve always been very grateful to be a KBE sister but that moment I can’t explain it, I am forever grateful! The wedding was just magical! The journey was definitely memorable, even in the planning, it’s like I was with my own family. I’m smiling writing this! The most loving, humble, fun-loving couple! “


“One of my favorite memories was the first wedding I ever worked back in 2009. It stands out in my mind because it was the first time I saw all our hard, behind-the-scenes work come to life! I was in awe. I loved seeing everything come together and especially loved that first time of seeing the couples’ reaction to what we created together. That’s always stayed with me because it was so special. I also remember it vividly because it was my first time problem solving on the spot. As I was moving a partition, I knocked down an entire tower of plates that were about to be set. Of course, they shattered everywhere. But, in true KBE fashion, we got the problem cleaned up, sorted out, and back on track without the couple knowing! Actually, I’m not even sure Kisha knew this happened… that’s how quick we were!”


“Working with KBE for 10+ years I have so many memorable moments. In 2022, I was able to work my first destination wedding. Everything about this wedding was stunning. The venue was the perfect picturesque setting for a wedding and with some KBE flair, it was taken to the next level. Working this wedding had its challenges for sure. We were outside in the beating sun all day trying to make sure every single detail was perfect, but in the end we did what KBE does and made an unforgettable day for not only the bride and groom but every single guest in attendance!”


“One of my most memorable moments was a wedding in 2021. The couple was phenomenal, but the venue was not. It was an old warehouse and honestly, if we weren’t there, I hate to even think about what things would have been like. String lights were out. There was an ugly, ripped green velvet couch sitting out. There were “Farmer’s fresh eggs” signs on the walls, just to name a few. All of that was supposed to be removed and none was. For KBE to do that was out of our scope, but in true fashion, we rolled up our sleeves and took charge. We had to. We organized parking, fought for the bride and what she wanted, etc. It was a lot and probably one of my most exhausting weddings, but the result, smile on the bride and groom, and their gratitude toward us was SO worth it.”


“I remember a destination wedding Kisha, Nadya, and I did. While there, I had to drive. So, one night we were leaving the rehearsal dinner for our client and Kisha told me to keep straight. I told her we had to make a right, but I kept straight and were were about to drive into the ocean! We were messing with Kisha and her no sense of direction.. but we were able to live to see the next day and successfully have the bride and groom make it down the aisle!”

Let us know some of your favorite memories with us in the comments! You can always take a look back on our past weddings or Instagram page to jog your memory.

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